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Your Questions About Best Hot Tub Covers

Mary asks…

How should I go about getting a hot tub going?

I recently rented a house that came along with a hot tub, long story short the owner’s ex son in law left it installed and he doesn’t know much about it and doesn’t mind me using/fixing/cleaning it etc. Currently its got maybe less than a gallon of rainwater (cover was folded open) and maybe a cup or so of sand/dirt/sediment in said water as well (mostly on the bench seats and a small amount on the floor (with a tiny bit in 2 jets from the looks of it)…

So what I need to know is… I want to see if its working therefor hows the best way to get the water and sediment out and clean it a bit, and then whats next (fill it with the hose?) then turn on the power and…? I don’t have much experience with spas and just basically need a walkthrough of yearly matainance I guess.

spafanatic answers:


Both answers are on the money. Get the physical dirt out as much as you can but don’t sweat it out since after filling the hot tub with water to check everything, you are going to have to empty and refill it one more time. Do not add your new filters until you are ready to start using the hot tub, after its cleaned properly.

You filled the hot tub with water and checked the jets, heating system, noticeable leaks, took out the filters. If jets or heater don’t seem to be working, please contact a hot tub specialist in your area. You want to make sure the water is circulating properly.

There is about 100 foot of piping wrapped around the hot tub that needs cleaning on the inside. We call this purging the pipes. You will need to buy a product that does this better than anyone else, because when you see what comes out of the jets while cleaning them, you are going to thank me. This is the main reason why I mentioned not to clean the hot tub too well the first time. I highly recommend the Ahh-Some Hot Tub Purge Bio Cleaner to clean out these pipes. It just takes a few tablespoons and about 30 minutes to clean the bio-film and gunk from the piping. Since your hot tub was waterless it may take a bit longer but you will know that the pipes are clean.

After purging the pipes, you will have to empty and clean thoroughly the hot tub shell. Add water and check your pH level. I suggest a liquid drop system and not the strips. More than likely the pH will be about 7.4 (drinking water), but your Total Alkalinity may be low. Just add some (tablespoons) baking soda to increase the TA. Apply a cup of chlorine to the water so that you have something will start oxidizing contaminants that get into the water.

The maintenance of your hot tub after you get the pipes and shell clean with fresh water is a science in itself, but by this you will know more about the ongoing maintenance. Don’t trust your pool or hot tub person as the sme, they want to sell you chemicals, which is not always good for us. Look into Nature 2 solutions for your hot tub, which decreases the use of chlorine and bromine as your sanitizer.

Good Luck

Mandy asks…

Snake bite while staying at rental property?

I rented a large cabin for a weekend getaway and was staying in the mountains. On our second night, I was going to get in the hot tub at night (which is located on a second story deck) and was bitten twice in the same hand by a copperhead snake that had been laying inconspicuously on top of the hot tub cover. For those of you who may not know, a copperhead is a type of venomous pit viper that delivers an extremely painful bite. Anyhow, it bit me two good times so I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance to begin anti-venom therapy. All together I was in ICU for 5 nights and racked up lots of hospital bills. I do have an HMO through my employer that will cover the bulk of these bills, however, I also have a good bit of out-of-pocket expenses (co-pay, missed work, etc) that I could use some help with.

My question is whether or not the cabin owners have any type of homeowners or other insurance policy that would help to cover some of my expenses.

Just to be clear, I am NOT trying to sue them or blame them or find them negligent. I am NOT talking about litigation. I am simply asking if they likely already have a policy in place that is intended to provide financial support to someone in my situation? If so, what is the best way to approach the owner regarding assistance??

I plan to contact them shortly and would just like to know what to expect or what to say before approaching them so that I can do it in the most tactful manner possible. Thanks!
I am not at all looking to “prove negligence” because AS I MENTION ABOVE I fully understand that I was in the mountains where snakes are a clear and present danger.

Also, do a Google image search because copperheads are not that large and come in all sorts of colors, this particular snake blended perfectly with a dark brown hot tub cover at night time.

Maybe I am off, but here was my take…
Renter’s have homeowner’s insurance so that when ACCIDENTS occur on their property they are able to pay for it.
This was clearly an ACCIDENT and I was on-premise so why wouldn’t they help cover the costs? It isn’t like I was barrel rolling through the woods naked.

spafanatic answers:

I doubt that any insurance they have will cover this. The cabin was in the mountains, the snake is a wild animal they had no control over. Unless it was a pet and owned by them, under their control, I do not think they have any liability. You can bet that the insurance company will turn down any claim, even if the cabin owners submit one.

Glad you are better.

Betty asks…

What do I do when animal cruelty is happening right in front of me?

I live with my boyfriend and his family. We live in a big house with a big lot of land. We recently got the upstairs of the house wooded. My boyfriends mom has two little dogs and two cats. Her husband bought her the dogs as a present a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, no one had time to train them, so they crap and piss in the house and they don’t really respond when we call them. The mother and father both work all day, their kids go to school and my boyfriend and I go to college. Basically, the dogs get locked on the side porch all day everyday. No one ever gives them water, no one lets them out so they just crap everywhere, no one ever pays attention to them. They are sweet dogs, they love to be cuddled, but only with us. The bark at everything and they attack guests. I haven’t seen them paid attention to since i’ve lived there which has been about a year and a half. On top of that, one of the cats now live in the side porch. As I mentioned before, the upstairs has recently had wood laid down and so the stress of it all distraught the cat and she peed in the house (on tile). Now they won’t let her back in the house in case she pisses on the wood and it will apparently cost them three grand. She is the best cat ever. She is friendly, playful and smart. It breaks my heart because now her life is restricted to living on top of a hot tub cover in the side porch. The dogs try to bite her when she jumps on the ground to use the litter tray. I want to find the cat a new home but she belongs to my boyfriends little sister and she dosen’t want to give her up. On top of all of that we have a pet pig who is a doll. He’s like a dog. He’s been living in a pen in our yard which isn’t huge but it’s decent. However, there’s an empty house next door with an enornous yard, which he hangs out in all the time. The house was recently put back on the market so they fixed up the fence and he’s restricted to his pen, which is making him unhappy. They won’t put a fence because it “looks ugly”. There are already 3 different kinds of fences on 3 sides.

What do I do? I’ve already tried talking to my boyfriends mom about it. She knows how I feel. She cares, but cares about how the yard looks or how perfect the house is more. Animals are like children, they’re a responsibilty. I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want to overstep my boundaries.

spafanatic answers:

Call ur local humane society, maybe they can do something
if not, you can ask them who you can talk to about having these people either cited or these animals taken away
make it an ANONYMOUS call
maybe suggest to the ppl taht it was a neighbor?

Steven asks…

What do you personally think of me.. looks wise?

I’m not really sure if I’m pretty or not. I’m not fishing for compliments either. I’m 13.. 5,3 about 75-80 pounds. I hated it. Most of these pictures are my natural hair color sooo yeah 🙂

Soo yeah thats the pictures. Thanks! You can rate me if you want 1-10 1 worst 10 best umm please dont be too mean I’m still human and I have feelings 🙂
When I said I hated it… I forgot to put… I was blond at one point and I hated it lol
OH and all these are my natural hair color 🙂

spafanatic answers:

You’re really pretty for your age ! 🙂
about a 7.5

mine please ?

Ken asks…

What is the best way to handle this situation?

I’m asking this anonymously because last weekend something horrible happened to my wife and I and would appreciate discretion concerning our problem.  We went to Vegas for superbowl weekend to get away and enjoy ourselves.  We had an amazing time watching a show, gambling and exploring the city slightly buzzed.  To top it off we had A luxurious suite with a separate bedroom and hot tub with a great view of the strip to return to where we spent most of our time making love and watching a couple episodes of our favorite show together.  We ended up drinking a little in our room, and listening to music then felt like dancing so we changed and went  downstairs to this nice ultralounge. There were no tables but we socialized with different people here and there until this man asked me and my wife if we would like to sit with them and I said sure.  They were very nice older men who i guessed were very rich because they had bottle service for the seating room and even bought my wife and I drinks the entire night which I know my wife is used to because shes a very young and gorgeously curved Latina who gets hit on a lot when I’m not near her. I never worry though. she is the most faithful woman.  Sometime over the night three of the men ended up going upstairs to our hotel room and I don’t remember much after that except for the elevator, my wife laughing a lot and the men joking with her by the window in the lounge area of our suite and the loud music playing in the room.  I woke up the next morning in the small restroom room.  I found my wife lying on the bed passed out naked with her face and body covered in dried cum.  I found her clothes by the hot tub which hadn’t been drained and her heels over by the window between two chairs.  Her lipstick was smudged into the window and looked like she was licking it.  When I woke her she was in pain.  Her ass was sore and was certain the men slept with her without wearing condoms.  we were freaked out.  She couldn’t remember what happened and we both felt really confused and ashamed.  I felt guilty for everything that happened.  We haven’t talked about that night since and just agreed to let it all go as a bad dream.  It still bothers her though.  She had tiny bruises all over her legs and hips and hick-ees on her neck.  I’ve took her to get tested and she’s clean and not pregnant so I’m thankful for that much at least.  I just feel so stupid for everything.  I’m still not sure if I we were drugged on something because I remember my lips feeling numb at one point through the night and she recalls the same feeling except  all over her body and feeling very hot.  What’s the best way to deal with something awful like this

spafanatic answers:

I totally agree with the other posters that you WERE in fact drugged. NO ONE would have gotten in the SAME shape as BOTH of you were in had you not been drugged. Fortunately, you said she is OK per a Dr. As you’ve had her tested, BUT I also wonder IF it would be wise to report this to the police. It just could be certain men who are doing this & I’m SURE you’re NOT the first “victims”! This is just plain scary! They too no doubt do robberies if the guests have “items of interest” that could be taken, mainly jewelery & small things of that nature. I would notify the police tho & at least get their “take” on it as it could be a crime ring of men who are doing this in several of the hotels on the strip. Just be thankful nothing serious happened to either one of you as you don’t know these days what could have happened. PLEASE DO report this to the police tho!…the best to you…:)

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